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What is a sperm test?

Sperm Cells Under a Microscope

A sperm test, also referred to as a semen analysis, is the primary method used to assess male fertility.

Experienced professionals, such as embryologists or andrologists, analyse a sample of semen under a microscope to assess various parameters that provide valuable insights into a man's fertility potential.

The outcomes of a sperm test helps screen for potential fertility issues and enables us to provide guidance with next step options to improve sperm health.


For more in-depth information on sperm testing, check out our blog post.

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Sperm cells start to “die” within about an hour of leaving the body, which is why in-person clinics usually insist you making an appointment to produce a sample onsite.

We believe this approach is off-putting, emasculating, inconvenient and outdated.


Jack Fertility has developed a groundbreaking home collection kit that can provide accurate results when analysing samples received at our lab up to 120 hours after a sperm sample was produced, rather than having to conduct tests within one hour. To ensure it arrives in a testable condition, we have taken every precaution to safeguard the viability of your sperm during transit.

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Won’t my sperm “die” in the post?

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The secret sauce behind our kits and testing

Sleeping in Green Sheets
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Your privacy
is paramount

Purchase for yourself
or someone else

Our digital registration process ensures security by not assigning collection kits to individuals until they are activated by a user.


For your discretion, purchases made with us are displayed as 'JF labs' on your bank or credit card statement.

Our kits are delivered to your chosen address via Royal Mail's recorded delivery and doesn't require a signature. It arrives inside an unbranded and nondescript cardboard package, similar to what you might receive from Amazon or other home deliveries.

Discreet delivery
to your door

We use the latest encryption technologies and continually assess our GDPR-compliance. All results data is anonymised to protect your identity. We never sell or share your personal details with third parties.


You can contact us to remove or access your information from our databases at any time.

Your data =
your choice

24/7 lab security & unique identifier tagging

Your sperm sample at our lab is secure and protected. With 24/7 controlled access and security CCTV, no one else has access to it.


Your kit is uniquely identified with multiple codes to eliminate any possibility of mix-ups with other people's results.

Sample disposal

After testing, each sperm sample we receive is disposed of as clinical waste and subsequently incinerated.


This ensures complete and secure destruction of your sample

Your result reports are securely protected with passwords and accessed through a verified process. Personal information that could identify you is not even accessible to the embryologist conducting your test.

Confidential results

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Our state-of-the-art testing facilities

As specialists in sperm, we handle all testing ourselves and never outsource to third parties or other clinics.

Our lab is located in the heart of Oxford's innovation ecosystem, just minutes away from the city's prestigious universities and hospitals. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed exclusively for accurate sperm analysis.

Operating as a Containment Level 2 R&D facility, our lab maintains optimal and consistent testing conditions through advanced climate controls.


Your collection kit is UKCA/CE-certified and a Class-1 medical device. It is also fully compliant with UN3373 regulations, ensuring safe and reliable transportation of samples through the post as an exempt human specimen.


Jack Fertility’s HQ at the Wood Centre for Innovation in Oxford

We utilise the World Health Organisation laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen: 6th Edition as a reference for your results. This manual provides evidence-based reference ranges for sperm count, concentration, motility, morphology, and semen volume. We present your results in a user-friendly format, using a traffic-light presentation and percentiles relative to the average. This makes it easy for you to understand and interpret your results.


Low semen volume could indicate a blockage or other issues.


Having too few sperm lowers the chances of sperm reaching the egg.


The best reflection of sperm's quality.


If a high percentage of sperm are unmoving, it's less likely that one can reach and fertilise the egg.


The size, shape, and structure of sperm may affect its ability to swim or fertilise the egg.

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Your easy-to-interpret results

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By considering your lifestyle and health in addition to your sperm test results, we provide personalised recommendations.

Get the full picture. Our 100-data point survey builds up a holistic view of your lifestyle choices and relevant medical disclosures impacting fertility.

Personalised next steps based on your data the latest research. Make informed decisions and maximise your chances of achieving fertility goals.

Monitor your progress with proactive quarterly testing. Sperm is a dynamic health indicator that undergoes regeneration approximately every three months. By regularly testing your sperm, you can track the impact of treatments and targeted lifestyle changes. Research is increasingly highlighting the correlation between sperm quality and individuals' lifespan and healthspan. 

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Sperm regenerates every 3 months
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Meet Jack’s scientific team

Jack was built in collaboration with fertility specialists and academic researchers from Oxford, Harvard, the NHS, London, and more.

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Curious to learn more about our science?

Send our experts your questions:

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