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Collecting your sample

Complete each step carefully for best results and remember to keep in mind the time of collection to verify.


If you're not ready, click here for instructions to collect your sperm sample another time.

Step 1.png

Step 1

In order to avoid sample contamination from everyday bacteria, wash your hands and genitals. Dry thoroughly.

Step 2.png

Step 2

Remove the lid of the test tube and securely place the plastic funnel in its place.

Step 3

Produce a semen sample by masturbating to ejaculation into the funnel. Don’t use any lubricant, saliva or condoms as these will affect your sample.

Step 3 - warnings.png
Step 3.png

Please note
It is important to collect the entirety of your ejaculate within the test tube. In particular, the first portion of the sample is the most sperm-rich. If any of your sample is lost, please contact us and we’ll send you another collection test tube and funnel for free (don’t be shy - we’ve heard it all before!)

Step 4.png

Step 4

Carefully open the vial containing the preservation fluid by peeling off the metal ring, taking care on sharp edges of the lid. Pour all the fluid down the funnel into the test tube. This will keep your sample preserved during transportation.

Step 5.png

Step 5

Dispose of the empty vial. Remove and dispose of the funnel, then screw the lid on the test tube tightly.

Step 6.png

Step 6

Gently mix the contents by swirling and shaking the closed test tube for at least 10 seconds. Don’t shake it vigorously, just enough to thoroughly mix it.

Step 7.png

Step 7

Place the test tube inside the specimen bag provided and seal it. Put the bagged test tube back into your kit.

Step 8.png

Step 8

Activate the instant cool pack by squeezing the bag until you hear a “pop” noise, then place inside the kit together with the bagged tube.

Asset 2.png

Step 9

Before sealing your box, verify your sample collection by clicking below

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